Good News! 6 Tips for Small Businesses to Better Connect with Your Audience

Marketing Your Business Efficiently & Economically is Easier When

Your Brand is Connected to the Digital World.

Create Eye-Catching Content & Offer to Capture Leads.


Building your network and audience reach is critical to growing your business. Consider creating an electronic book or eBook that gives potential customers advice or tips that would be useful to them. As an example, how to throw the perfect cocktail party or 5 fun local spots in your area to take the kids. Get as creative as possible and keep in mind you need to offer potential customers something of value before they give up their email or contact information. Once this eBook is created it can be sent out every time someone signs up for your newslettter.

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Create a Newsletter

Tip one goes hand in hand with #2 here … Newsletters are one of the best strategies for building client/customer relationships. Send your email subscribers material that relates to them and your business. As an example, realtors should send notices about upcoming open houses or new houses on the market. Retailers or eCommerce brands should give latest trend tips or what will be hot for the new season. Keep in mind you will want to separate your newsletter subscribers based on their location, job industry, current or potential client. This will ensure that your newsletter content is relevant to the intended audience.

Emotional Storytelling or Copy Brings in Bigger Audiences

If you can humanize your brand and tap into emotions in your marketing, you will see a rise in interest for your brand and/or business.

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Get on Social Media - Go live on day to day tasks on Instagram Stories

Audiences, followers and potential customers will begin trusting you and your brand if they see their is actually real people behind the “curtain”. Going live on Instagram Stories is a simple and powerful way to allow your audience to see your hard work while you build trust and brand awareness. Keep your social media conversational and fun. If you are constantly pitching or hawking your product or services it will turn off your audience

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Branding, Branding, Branding

It is the equivalent to location, location, location in real estate. If you are a small business you need branding working for you 24/7. Successful business brands continue to work even while they are not working. Branding is fun and creative and it’s your best friend as a small business owner. Plus, giving away things for free feels good and everyone likes something for free.  

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Create an Awesome Website.

Today’s consumers like to do a lot of legwork themselves online when making major purchases; like buying a home, car or even the latest Yeezy release. A well thought out and designed website can offer features like Google Map addresses for open houses, photo slideshows for giving multiple angles of your merchandise or a video player so you can directly communicate with your audience. As for Google maps, this allows visitors to your website to pull up the address on their mobile phone and instantly have directions to your open house or business. Another strong feature of having Google maps integrated into your website is the Street View option. For a realtor, this allows visitors to see what the home feels like, its curb appeal; while giving a street level view of its surroundings. For a business owner that has a store front, it helps give viewers that all important window display to get a feel for your business’ vibe.

Features like integrated maps, blogs and vlogs, newsletters with easy to create email lists make your brand easy for users to access all this information. And this next tip goes without saying – make sure either your property pages, merchandise, services offered, past projects, current projects, etc. all have great photos. A visual appealing website, in addition to the other useful features will help give your brand a level of professionalism that can instantly build trust in you as a business owner.

Control Your Brand. Grow Your Brand. Own Your Brand.

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