The Power of a Good Newsletter

3 Keys to Driving More Business with Your Newsletter

Is your business sending out a regular newsletter? Research shows a monthly update on what your business is up to, industry trends or insights can drive more business. According to CRM giant Salesforce, email marketing earns a remarkable ROI: $38 for every dollar spent, or 3800 percent. Your newsletter can simply say hello to your current customers or clients to let them know you are thinking about them. Or, you can pack your newsletter with helpful tips or the occasional special offer. The main ingredient is to stay in contact with your current clients, grow new clients, and deliver valuable content to help cultivate brand awareness for your business.

A well crafted newsletter should be a part of your regular marketing strategy. Here are 3 Keys to a well performing newsletter.

  1. Smart - Effective Design

    Designing and Crafting your newsletter is an art form in itself. In the business to consumer email space, strong visual content is key. Research data reveals the more visual your newsletter is, the more well received your email will be. Strong images that reflect your business and attract your clients attention will help grow your brand and see that future newsletters will be opened. The key is to know your audience. If you are a service based business images showing results are a good strategy; versus a business that sells products. In this case, amazing photos of your product should be the focus. One key point is to put your strongest content message at the top of your newsletter. This will allow the recipient to see your strongest content without having to open the email.

  2. Content is Everything

    Engaging Content is essential to a quality newsletter that will GET OPENED more frequently. If you consistently deliver quality content your customers will be more likely to open every newsletter and will be less likely to hit the “unsubscribe” button. One idea of quality content is to deliver something of value to your audience beyond just promoting your business. Your brand will get watered down and devalued if the only content you offer is deals and specials.

  3. Bring on new customers AND get their OK, to do so.

    New regulations are here or on the horizon to protect people’s privacy from cold emails. Large scale providers like gmail and outlook are beefing up their privacy policies and cold emails will get dumped in the spam bin. When you capture a new customer email, be sure to offer consent to do so. Spamming inboxes will burn your brand in a hurry. One strategy to get a potential customer to agree to your monthly newsletter is to offer an incentive for signing up.

If you need help starting a newsletter to drive more business please reach out. We are happy to start a conversation and put you on the path to success.